Hero Motocorp resumes production in India after six weeks.

India is facing a nationwide lockdown for almost six weeks owing to the wrath of Covid-19 and the economy is experiencing disruption. The world’s largest two-wheeler manufacturer Hero Motocorp resumes production at three of its manufacturing facilities in India amidst this outbreak. Also, the company’s Global Parts Center (GPC) at Neemrana in Rajasthan has resumed its operations.

Essential staff required for the process is allowed to work at all the other facilities and corporate offices, observing social distancing. The remaining employees of the auto giant will continue to work from home untill further notice from the company.

Dr. Pawan Munjal, Chairman Hero Motocorp in their press release on Monday said,

The health, safety and overall wellbeing of everyone in our large ecosystem has been the top priority for us at Hero MotoCorp. From the early onset of COVID-19, we have been proactive in our Business Continuity plan and this has helped us during the much needed nationwide lockdown. It was our preemptive preparation that has kept us in good stead during these past 40 days. We are now ready to hit the ground sprinting as we commence the re-opening of our facilities.

The wellbeing of the citizens continues to be our focus and the running of our economic engines is crucial to ensure their health and prosperity. With meticulous planning and enthusiasm, we are set to recommence operations. I am optimistic that business and the economy will begin the trajectory of its gradual recovery from here.

The other manufacturing plants have also obtained necessary permissions to reopen. They will commence operations after most of the supply chain partners of the company get the necessary approvals to operate. Also the Centre of Innovation and Technology (CIT) in Jaipur, received permission to reopen and will start functioning soon.

Few key guidelines of the restart manual for employees include –

  • Mandatory self-declaration of good health before joining the facility.
  • Use of face-masks, face shield, digital attendance through Hero App, regular sanitization of personal items, work-stations and maintain social distancing.
  • No domestic or international travel, no celebratory or business gatherings.
  • Visitors aren’t allowed in company premises, and employees aren’t allowed to visit vendor or dealer premises.
  • Regular sanitization of all workplaces, buses, shuttles and other official vehicles after each trip.
  • Mandatory WFH for employees above the age of 60, employees with critical medical conditions and pregnant women.


With the easing of restrictions in several parts of the country, most of the company’s operations will open gradually in near future. A business restart manual is shared with all the dealers partners of the company. Hero will restart operations, after obtaining the necessary permissions from the local authorities.

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