How to maintain your bikes during this lockdown period ?

The coronavirus pandemic is creating havoc round the world and India is not any different. So, our first request to you all petrol heads is to remain home to remain safe. One thing is obvious that over the course of the subsequent few days you may not be riding and as a result your motorcycle or scooter will remain parked in your garage. Here are some tips which should make sure that your two-wheeler remains healthy once you hop on it again and get going.

1. If your parking could be a covered one, then you’re well sorted. However, just in case it’s an open parking, it’s best to use a bike cover for it. This can keep that stunning paint removed from harm. The cover will reduce fading of the paint and reserve it from the occasional rain. It’ll also save rubber parts from getting crusty. The chrome parts also will be saved over time. So, it’s a decent investment.

2. Make sure that you have parked the two-wheeler on the centre stand if you have got one on your vehicle. This way, the oil won’t be stranded on one-side of the engine chamber, and also weight on the tyres is balanced.

3. Certain parts just like the chain, springs and cables are best kept lubricated.

4. Leaving a bike dirty is ideally not a decent idea. So ensure you provide it a wipe before storing and once within a week.

5. It’s always a decent idea to warm-up the engine and keep the revs on idle mode for some minutes. This can charge the battery automatically & will avoid the complete discharge. Repeat it after every five-six days.

6. Continue changing the tyre positions frequently to avoid a flat spot due to losing out on tyre pressure.

7. Lastly, ensure that your motorcycle is correctly locked since we sometimes tend to overlook it when it’s not in frequent use.

Do not worry about your periodic maintenance during such times. Once things are normalised, you’ll be able to take your vehicle to the service centre or local mechanic for servicing, which could be a must. Also, many automakers have already announced warranty/free-service extensions by some months. So, if your free-service falls under the continued lockdown there is no need to agonize. It’s crucial to guard yourself before stepping out of the house and visiting the parking. Thus, make sure that proper safety measures are taken before you follow the steps listed above. It’s important to hide your eyes, nose and mouth before you step outside of the house. Wearing a full-sleeve shirt, jeans, shoes and gloves are important too.

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